[F-OFF] was formed in 2004 by Medusa, Pleione Inc, and Contras, Managed by Major Riven. Originally we were a split UK/US corp from day one. Holding FAT-6P as our home system for almost 3 years. We decided to join the war in Querius. Fighting Stain-, Interstellar eXodus and friends, they had won the war and took Querius.

Moving from FAT-6P, [F-OFF] joined Huzzah Federation to join the Invasion of Catch war. During this timeframe [F-OFF] formed [EXE] Executive Outcomes. Becoming a powerful mercenary corp. Moving to Khanid, making it our new home. We set out to do what mercs do best. Kill and make isk doing it.

Over time the corporation dwindled down and the corp moved to join [BNC] Black Nova Corporation. A lot of us stayed in [BNC] for about a year. The game changed and players slowly started going inactive waiting on changes for the better.

After a few years of inactivity and random logins, Major Riven and some friends left [F-OFF] to join Fractured Synthetics in the E.B.O.L.A. Alliance in Great Wildlands. After a month of being with Mokey PYD in [FRACS] they both wanted to venture elsewhere, leaving ebola.

After long discussion with Mokey PYD from Major Riven. Major Riven decided to hand CEO over to Mokey PYD, after merging [FRACS] with [F-OFF], while still being the majority shareholder of [F-OFF]. During this time we activly looked for different alliances. After a few revisions of alliances, we decided on joining [SL0W] SL0W Children at Play in Pure Blind. Now Pure Blind is our home and we are fighting to maintain our sov and continue growing everyday with menacing grins on our faces while doing it.

Who We Are

[F-OFF] is a division of veteran leadership who have a lot of experience in Eve Online. From cranky old men to enthusiastic PvP players. We live in Pure Blind and are looking for more recruits to help us hold and take more sov space!

We all care about 2 things… ISK and fun. ISK is what makes eve go round and why play when you’re not having fun. Leave the complications to our Directors and CEOs.

Fun Facts

The Corp Ticker [F-OFF] was taken away from Federation of Freedom Fighters by CCP due to some enemies complaining that our ticker was too vulgar. We had to petition CCP’s decision and fight to get our ticker back.

Did you know Lord Seth has an Eve Admirer? Yup, that’s right. Natalianna Black adores Lord Seth.