Talwars, the cockroaches of hell.

Talwars are a very cheap, very versatile, destroyer in eve. Especially when in the hands of [F-OFF]. 

Story Time

So there they were. Ready to take a random Talwar roam out. Nothing different than usual. Couple of talwars, some tackle, and typical talwar roam.

Having just starting to form, we got word that Lord of Worlds Alliance was en route to come and fight [F-OFF]. There’s nothing special to this, we fight [LORDE] all the time. But this time, it was different. They came into our home while we were forming. Normally, we would just get a small fleet together and start fighting the fat kids and kiting them around. But this time was different. We already had 25 Talwars undocked. 

[LORDE] jumps into system, we send tackle to start the aggression. They take the bait. All the vexors aggress our tackle. We warp in the talwar fleet, that was on another gate outside of D-Scan range of the vexor fleet. The fight was on. 

The talwars were pulling range and stomping the Logistics who tried jumping out so they wouldn’t lose their ships. This cause the Talwars to reign hell on the brawler vexors. Out ranging and kiting the drones. [LORDE] lost a near 622 million isk worth of ships. While [F-OFF] lost 0. 


[F-OFF] was excited, blood thirsty, and ready for more. Some alliance members joined [F-OFF] during the engagement with the vexors and went out on the roam.

[F-OFF] sat in FRT/LORDE space for a few, trying to catch some people moving in their space. But no one would take the bait. Then it was called, “I have a rattlesnake on D-Scan.” then the sweet voice of our wonderful comrade spoke again. “Get here now, I’m on grid. He’s tackled.” 

At this time the fleet was 5 jumps out. FC called to “Best Speed” to the system our tackle was in. [F-OFF] and friends couldn’t spam their warp buttons fast enough. 

Once the fleet landed on grid, FRT brought a scythe out to try and rep the Rattlesnake. However it was short lived, it burnt out of range, and all the damage went back on the rattlesnake. He overheated his reps, but that didn’t matter, the cockroaches of hell reigned their shitty little tech 1 missiles at the Rattlesnake. The Rattlesnake couldn’t keep up. Then a Hurricane landed. FC said to keep on the Rattlesnake. POP goes the rattlesnake. 1,382,975,088.48 isk lost with a 50m talwar fleet.  The hurricane overheated his prop mods and got out.


FC called for the loot to be picked up and best speed back home. The loot was taken, but best speed didn’t happen. Upon landing on the gate, Cyno.up pulled out 2 Phoenixes, we sat on gate. They started warping into our bubbles. We aligned out and warped off. However, the sabre what had the loot decided to bubble and burn towards the Phoenixes. The phoenixes tackled him and killed him. Before he died, he ejected the loot. Best played mistake ever.

Shortly after the Rattlesnake kill, the FC noticed some SOV warfare going on in Insmother between TRI and SKILLU.  FC at the time is crazy for SOV war. So FC tells the gang to set desto and off they go to AGCP-I.

Once the fleet arrived, they jump through the AGCP-I gate, SKILLU jumps in a 23 man loki fleet from behind. But, [Evictus.] are no fools. Already aligned to the 1st target, an entosising maller. “Take warp, take warp, take warp” called in comms. The fleet lands on grid and start hitting the maller. Easy kill. Aligned out again, ready for the loki fleet to land. They landed, and off the cockroaches of hell go, laughing. Then the FC spots a vagabond. He calls for points, no bubbles. The talwars land almost at 0 on the vagabond. It’s tank couldn’t hold for more than a single volley. There goes a vagabond. Again, aligned out the loki fleet lands on the talwars and kill some fat kids. The rest of the fleet, warp off to an outgate.

The loki fleet start chase, again more fat talwars aren’t aligned and die to the loki fleet. The fleet tries to kill a sabre, but it crashes gate, then the talwars warp off.  

FC spots another vagabond entosising, the cockroaches warp into the vagabond. But he knew what was going on. The losses of the cockroach family hurt too much to bring enough damage to stop an XLSB vagabond fast enough. Entering it’s hull, the loki fleet lands. FC calls to stay on grid to try and kill it. The FC dies, Talwars warp to sun, what’s that? An enemy sabre lands on 0 with the talwars?! It immediately dies before it could even launch a bubble.

The call was made to RTB. Killing 1,467,326,731.90 isk worth of ships.


The beaten talwars warp to the out gate, only to be bubbled on the other side and half the fleet killed by the pissed off lokis.

As the remaining portion of the talwars come back home, they spot a [LORDE] Onyx, just sitting a few jumps from home. FC calls for a reform to assist those en route back home. So there they go again. Another small talwar fleet going to assist a trapped talwar fleet.

Upon reaching the system, the FC knew the onyx was stuck. The call was made to jump in. Onyx keeps his bubble up on the tackle, more tackle lands, the first half of the talwar fleet uncloaks and starts making it’s approach. What’s this?! A Loki lands in the Onyx bubble?! All fire get turned to the loki, The 2nd half of the talwar fleet lands. The Loki couldn’t keep up and down it went. In a 1,156,225,319.28 isk ball of fire. Just to protect an onyx that goes down in a few short seconds after. 
Kills totaling for the 2 at 1,637,931,664.58 isk.


It’s a true fact, you don’t need tank or isk to be a controlling force on grid in Eve. The talwars are a pest. That of cockroaches in your house. If you leave them alone, they will destroy.

That night, 7.05 billion isk worth of ships were killed with the talwars. while only 835.8 million isk worth of talwars and tackle were lost.

Battle Report

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