Are you being spied on?

Do you know if you’re being spied on? You wonder how your old corp knows where you are and what ships you own? Curious on how people know what information is being relayed in your eve mails? Well, I’m here to break all that down to you and assist you with leaving corps and ensuring no asset is seen by your old counter parts.

I’ll start it off light for many of you. I’ll save the best for last.

Locator Agents

Yup, there are in game NPC agents you can talk to to get the locations of other pilots. However, this is only the most simplistic form of spying from in game.

It’s fairly simple. Use the agent locator or evewiki, find your nearest agent. Depending on your agent level you can see where others are.

Agent levelRequired StandingsTime to Run (depends on distance)CooldownCost (depends on distance)Range
Level 1AnyInstant/1 minute5 minutes1k/5kConstellation
Level 21.0Instant/1 minute/8 minutes5 minutes5k/10k/25kRegion
Level 33.0Instant/30 seconds/4 minutes/8 minutes15 minutes10k/25k/50k/100kUnlimited
Level 45.0Instant/20 seconds/2 minutes/4 minutes30 minutes25k/50k/100k/250kUnlimited

The agent will send you a lovey Evemail explaining to you the system and region the pilot is in. And WOOHOOOO, now you know where some one is. This feature doesn’t care if the pilot is logged into the game or not.


Intel.  I cannot stress enough about intel. It’s amazing how an entire operation can be ruined because of simply saying a location. Casual conversations causing people to lose billions of isk. 

Be careful of those you speak to. Telling people the assets you’re hauling is great. But if they know the starting location, route you’re taking, or even your endpoint(s). You could be at major risk of losing some valuable assets.

Pay attention to corp mates. Sure, they could be corp mates today. Tomorrow they could be red to your corp/alliance. Or they could be an embedded spy. Look at those who ask you questions such as “Where are you hauling from?” or “What’s in your ship?” or other questions such as “Where do you super rat at?” or “Where are your midpoints at?” These questions come up a lot in voice comms. Normally you would think your safe, but you’re not. It only takes one person listening in to relay that information to his alter ego corp, friends, or sit on it for a small isk sale. 

If conversations arise and you need to tell someone something. Take it to another channel, don’t give out free information. Plain and simple.


I know, I know. “What do you mean Copy/Paste?” Copy/Paste spying is a very common practice used by everyone. Even those that aren’t spies.

A simple conversation from in game, Discord, Teamspeak, or even steam. Tools like Windows Snipping Tool make life difficult for many people. 

It’s no different than talking to someone. But now, your typed conversation or screenshot can now get “telephoned” across New Eden. 

Be careful of who you give intel to, it could come back and bite you in the ass later.

Simple Copy/Paste that can now be relayed

Third Party Applications

Ohhh yeah, the best for last. In the time I’ve played eve, this is the MOST aggressive spy out there. 

Now, hear me out. Third party applications are’t the devil. They are very useful to you and many corps and assist with anti-spy techniques and can do many good things. But on the contrary they can do many, bad things. But only if you don’t know what to look for or manage it.

There are a few applications, that you may not think you’ve logged into, but you have. Maybe from applying to a corporation, using an app required by your alliance, or even using a web app to manage assets.

A perfect example is seAT. Seat is an amazing tool for corp and/or alliance. It allows your leaders to see activity, mining amounts, isk returns, eve mails, trades, and assets. Yup, you read it right, assets. Now, the permission systems are fantastic in seAT. No-one that your leadership doesn’t want access to this information will have it. In fact, I used to use seat to track my own assets. It’s a very great tool.


Entities such as Northern Coalition use seAT and other applications like this.

But,  what happens when you leave that corp or alliance? Do you think your information just disappears? Nah, not at all. In fact they know everything about you until you remove access to it. This makes moving into other corporations a nightmare for you. Especially if you’re in a corp/alliance that is fast to pull the trigger on people leaving. 

So how do you know if these 3rd party apps are spying on you? How do you look at 3rd party application access? 
Simple, go here:

Eve Third Party Applications

Once you’re there, simply look at the authentications and click “View Permissions” You should besee a “Required Scopes” section. And this is all the information you’re allowing to be seen. 

Understanding what these scopes have access to are pretty simple if you just read them. 

So how do you stop something you don’t want to be seen? Click “DELETE APPLICATION” Done. Plain and simple. 

As easy as this sounds, this is the most overlooked anti-spy material by many players. Your leadership can do everything in their power, BUT, look at your 3rd party application allowances. 

Are third party applications bad?

By no means am I saying third party applications are bad. There are some amazing tools out there that make your life much easier and secure. They help your corp keep spies out, Track Activity, and many other things.

Just remember to remove those apps that aren’t needed any more. You’ll save yourself and many other people potentially billions of assets, and you’ll make moving to other places much more secure.

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